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  • Ran-d Ran-d Mar 16, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    If you enter to my league I will enter in yours

    I need 8 managers for my h2h 1 win league format
    So I see much people posting about their leagues. So I'll enter to some leagues if you will play in mine.
    ID 122886 password baseball

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    • Okay my friend. I am sending you info on all five of my leagues, one which drafs tomorrow, another Monday, the next one Wednesdaym and the final two next Saturday and Sunday. Join one and I will sign up for one of yours right away. Could really use someone for tomorrows draft but scan below and let me know if interested in any. Good Luck.

      League A will be LEAVE IT TO SEAVER – 2013. Like last year, it will be a rotisserie league. This league will have between 12-15 teams, each with a 28-man roster with traditional player drafting. ID: 34370 . Password: 69nymets86.

      League B will be called JUST A BIT OUTSIDE, which was called Trio last year. This league will be a 10-team H2H league, with each owner drafting three teams. In this league each owner will have an active 28-player, game-by-game roster, with free agents coming from the three teams he or she drafted. Trades are allowed, including players that are in your organization but might not be on your active roster. Adding a little intrigue to this is that each team will be allowed to make 8 player moves per week. ID: 35481. Password: 41nymets21.

      League C will be called HAVE RUNS, WILL TRAVEL, which will be a 12-14 H2H league with traditional player drafting. Each team will draft 28 players and have a two-man protection list of players in the minors who are not on the Opening Day rosters. ID: 34598. Password: 86nymets69.

      League D will be a 10-15 rotisserie league team called DON'T MESS WITH JOBU'S RUM! (from the film Major League.) This league will offer team drafting as opposed to single player drafting. This means when you pick a team is just as important as which team you picked as more than one owner will select players from a team. Thus you will have a roster of 30. Players not drafted will go into the general free agent/waiver pool.
      ID: 40274.. PASSWORD: 11nymets11

      League E, Mendoza Line All-Stars, is a unique group where all stars might not be the way to go. It will be a 12-team H2H league with traditional drafting. But what will count here are the small things: bunts, sacrifice flies, sacrifice bunts, base on balls, pick offs, holds (no saves), and assists are among the main categories. Home runs, average, ERA will not matter here. So this league will pay homage to the players whose stats often get buried in the box scores nut are important.. This will be a quirky change of pace league. ID: 39998. PASSWORD: 21nymets41

    • Are there spots open still?

      I'll do it if there are

      Would you take over a team in my 2nd year keeper then??

    • is it a keeper league?


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