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  • rene rene Mar 14, 2013 8:41 AM Flag

    Very Active Keeper League looking for 1 Replacement Mgr

    This is a 16 team H2H League
    Stats are standard plus BB and TB for hitters and QS and HLD for pitchers
    The team that is available has the following keepers

    Aaron Hill 2B
    David Freese 3B
    Micheal Bourne OF
    Anthony Rizzo 1B
    Cliff Lee SP
    Lance Lynn SP
    Jeremy Hellickson SP

    It should be noted that he has no draft picks in rounds 3-5

    Please send me a message if interested to lecerfster1 at yahoo mail.
    Only active managers please.

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      • 1 Reply to rene
      • LMAO, no player in the top 55 Dynasty rankings, only Rizzo and Lee even in the top 100 Dynasty rankings. Then on top of that no picks in rounds 3-5 of this years draft, you've got to be bloody kidding. Who is the IDIOT that would take that HORRIBLE team. There should be one player in rankings 1-16 (ist round), one in 17-32 (2cnd round), one in 33-48 (3rd round), one in 49-64 (4th round), one in 65-80 (5th round), and one in 81-96 (6th round).
        But this teams keepers would be selected in the following rounds (generous rankings) in a Dynasty draft.
        1. 4th round
        2. 4th round
        3. 7th round
        4. 7th round
        5. 9th round
        6. 11th round

        Then on top of that this team does not even have selections in three of the top five rounds of the re draft portion. You have got to be #$%$ me. People if you want a new team join a league that actually gives you a CHANCE to compete.


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