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  • Pete Pete Mar 9, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Strasburg&Verlander: Who'll manage them?

    Looking for a proficient manager (55 or preferably 60-plus in Yahoo rating) to step into an established H2H quasi-dynasty league PROSPECTING (27661, password: pros).

    To run a serviceable squad led by two premier pitchers in Strasburg and Verlander. Also Lance Lynn (18-7), Indian ace J. Masterson, Br. McCarthy, resurgent Josh Johnson who was sensational yesterday for the Jays. Bullpen features W.S. champ Sergio Romo of SF, who shut down the USA last night for team Mexico's upset, O'Flaherty, Boggs, Crow, Downs, F. Francisco.

    Hitters can use upgrading by an astute owner. But you start w/Hanley Ramirez as your SS, OF Choo (now on Reds), C Brian McCann, Willingham (35HR, 110RBI), OF Rajai Davis (46SB), 2B-MI Howie Kendrick, Neil Walker and Utley who's healthier now, Asdrubal Cabrera, 1B Moreland who's had a good spring, and prospects Jedd Gyorko and Bubba Starling.

    (The prior owner retired from fantasy play, after 20 years.)
    Our leagues are like all-star in caliber of owners. They last, they flourish, they're competitive yet fun w/good sports and draftroom banter.

    The above list has 23 player. We each keep 24 to 28 of 30 players. Fewer keepers gets you more draft picks, in latest rounds. You can cut unwanted keepers right after the draft, when free agency immediately begins.

    Someone adept in acquiring emerging/resurgent talent in free agency will promptly make this team a contender. You start with stud SP. Our trading standard is 'balanced enough.' Not overly imbalanced. But fine for one to give more in surface value, to fill a crucial positional need or area of production. Or to give more for an elite. Thus you can get a lot for either of those SP studs, if you want to go that route.

    Interested? First, join:
    league: 27661, password: pros

    Then post in the message thread for the Strasburg/Verlander squad. So I see who got in first, as a potential tiebreaker.

    Have your email visible to the league. So I can invite you to rejoin specifically as the Max squad, that has these players. Then you're officially in.

    First outstanding manager should get it. If more than one join before I get back in, then w/pick one. But the others can get into another league that has an opening.

    We draft next WED, 10:15 p.m Eastern Daylight Time.
    So we'll fill this weekend, preferably today/Saturday. You'll choose (24) keepers this weekend, too, so I can load them.

    Looking forward to getting someone in, to unleash the twin terror of Verlander and Strasburg.


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