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  • jayway jayway Mar 4, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Keeper Help. tough one.

    10 team 5 keeper league going into year 7. Scoring is 7x7 with R,H,HR,RBI,SB,AVE,OBP for Hitters and W,K's,Saves,CG,ERA,WHIP,QS. I've built this team over the years through the draft and a few trades and now I have to many good players to choose from. Some help would be appreciated and I will gladly return the favor if you have a question. Here are my keeper options.

    1. Ryan Braun (def keeping)
    2. Cargo (def keeping)
    3 Longoria (def keeping)

    last two spots between
    Pedroia (leaning on because second base is weak position)
    Castro (same reason)
    Adrian Gonzalez
    Justin Upton (who I kept last two seasons)
    King Felix.

    Please pick 2 and why.


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