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  • Richie Richie Feb 26, 2013 3:26 AM Flag

    Unique 6th Year Free Yahoo H2H League

    I'm the commish of a free, 10 team, H2H, NL only league on Yahoo that's entering its 6th year. There are no entry fees/payouts, but we still manage to stay competitive over the years and keep our core coming back year after year. Here's how:

    - 6X6: with OBP and Holds as extra categories. We also play with total bases instead of HRs.
    - We switch from AL to NL only every year - this year is NL. Since we redraft every year, this switch keeps things fresh and exciting every year. You'll be looking at real life transactions in a totally different light. Best example was Pujols, Fielder, Darvish, Cespdes, etc coming to the AL last year for us - which made for a really special year.
    - We use a rather unique form of FAAB - in that FA pickups are divided into tiers based on that player's overall rank and his past 2 weeks' performance. With this system, the very best players in FA cost $5 and the not so good players cost $1. Not only does this add a more realistic and strategic element to our game, all managers get the chance to be creative with how they manage their fixed budget. I can go into more detail with this sytem if you are interested.
    - All new rookies introduced to the bigs in real life are put on an auctioning system in our league. Highest bidder get that rookie. Another way for managers to creatively manage their budgets.

    While this isn't a hard core money, dynasty league, this is certainly a step up from your standard year to year H2H league. I'd say it's even more fun to play in than your run of the mill keeper league - through the strategic elements that I've outlined above. And then on top of that, we have a very solid core that makes the league atmosphere very enjoyable and competitive to play in. Lastly, you can be sure that as commish, I always strive to make the league better year after year.

    Although we're primarily based in SoCal and are a rather young group, we welcome anyone who is competitive, talkative, and fun-loving.

    Let me know if this sounds like something you'd be interested in.

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