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    $200, 1st year 20 team H2H keeper, lots of ways to win $

    Hello, I am trying to fill up this league. It is the only baseball league I will be running this year. Because the yahoo message boards appear to be very finicky I will do my best to sum up the important points in a moderately concise manner. The draft will be towards the end of March.

    7x7 scoring (standard plus OBP, SLG, HLD, K/9)
    1 day waivers
    Daily lineups
    6 team playoff with top 2 seeds getting 1 playoff bye

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    • KEEPERS:
      Each team can keep up to 5 players.
      The initial cost of a player that is kept is the round that player was previously drafted.
      If a player was undrafted, the initial keeper cost is a 15th round pick.
      The cost of a keeper goes up by one round each additional year he is kept.
      Conflicting keeper costs are rounded up when possible.


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