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    1st year Roto keeper league

    Free keeper league. it is 6x6

    This is the league "constitution"
    I. League Purpose
    1. The purpose of this league is to assemble a lineup of 27 Major League Baseball players whose statistics, when compiled, exceed those of the other teams.
    2. To win a a championship each and every year.
    3. To provide a free keeper league.

    II. Player Universe and Keeper Rules
    1. The League will consist of at most, 16 teams with players from both the American and National League.
    2. At the beginning of each season, each manager can select up to 4 keepers.
    3. Teams that do not select keepers will automatically keep their top players based on Yahoo!'s O-Rank.

    III. Dates and Important Deadlines
    1. The Live Auction Draft will be held on Saturday, March 16, at 11:15 AM ET.
    2. The Deadline to Select Keepers is the 2nd Sunday before the start of the MLB season,.
    3. Line-up changes will be set to Daily- Tomorrow
    4. There is no Trade Deadline.

    IV. Draft
    1. The Draft will be Non-Snaking.
    2. Draft Pick trades are enabled.
    3. The draft order will be determined by the reverse standings of last year. (ex. 16th Place = First Pick)
    4. Draft pick time is set to 45 seconds.

    V. Roster Settings
    1. The Roster Positions are as follows
    First Base
    Second Base
    Third Base
    3x Outfield
    3x Utility
    2x Starting Pitcher
    2x Relief Pitcher
    4x Pitchers
    6x Bench
    2x DL
    VI. Scoring
    1.Batter Stats:
    Home Runs
    Runs Batted In
    Stolen Bases
    Batting Average
    2. Pitching Stats:
    Home Runs
    VII. Transactions and Trades
    1. There is no trade deadline
    2. There is no maximum amount of acquisitions for the season
    3. The waivers are standard mode, and are set up in a continual rolling list.
    4. Waiver Time is 1 day.
    5. Any player can be traded, dropped, or added, including keepers.
    6. Trade Reject Time will be 2 days
    7. Trades are reviewed based on a league vote.

    VIII. Keepers and Draft Picks
    1.When you choose a keeper player, you will forfeit your pick from the round that player was taken in from the previous year.
    2. If you have two or more players from one round, you will forfeit the next rounds pick.

    IX. General Rules of Behavior
    1.Always put the most competitive team on the field.
    2. Be respectful in responding to other owners through trades and other offers.
    3. Treat each owner in a respectful manner.

    X. Handling new Rules
    1. All decisions and interpretations of disputes will be handled by the commissioner.
    2. Members may request an appeal of a rule, interpretation, or decision. It will be overturned by 51% of the league vote.
    3. New Rules can be proposed before the MLB All-Star break. Rules will then be reviewed and voted on. 51% of the league vote will decide the ruling.
    4. League votes will be decided by way of the message board polls, so turn your "Alert me of Message Board Posts" on.

    To Join:
    ID#: 69993
    Password: Baseball

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