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  • Greg G Greg G Feb 21, 2013 2:06 AM Flag

    FREE 20-team, 27stats, live draft 03/23 10 AM need 8 teams

    i'm looking for a deep 20-team league, but i'm not interested in playing in a league with so many categories in it... would rather play in a 5X5, 6X6, or 7X7 stat-league instead...

    Greg Guillot

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    • A lot of potential managers balk at the sheer number of scoring categories we have in this league, so why 27? (I was doing a mock draft this evening, and I got a lot of flack from other mock drafters about the sheer number of categories we have. They just don't get it!)

      Standard 5X5 or 6X6 fantasy baseball leagues are based on tradition alone. When you take a close look at them, they are fatally flawed due to their oversimplification of the game.

      5X5 and 6X6 leagues date from the 1970s or 80s when leagues had to calculate fantasy
      league stats by hand from box scores.

      In almost every case, such leagues incorporate scoring stats, such as hits; runs; home runs; batting average; RBIs; and stolen bases. All of these categories are treated as exact equals. As such, none of them has its proper perspective. For example, stolen bases in a 6X6 league are roughly 17% of hitting and approximately 8.5% of all scoring. (Every category is exactly the same in such leagues!)

      I don't particularly like having RBIs and runs being equal to hits and home runs because RBIs and runs are very dependent upon teammates.

      With 27 stats, I can adjust the values of the various stats to create a more accurate picture of real baseball. For example, I can easily drop the stolen base down to around 8% of hitting stats and bump up hitting efficiency to 31%. There are four efficiency stats now (average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and slugging percentage plus on-base percentage), so truly good hitters are given their proper value by giving more weight in the scoring to hitting stats.

      The above is just simple explanation of why I hate 6X6 leagues, and why we have 27 stat categories. There are other examples of tweaks this league makes to hitting categories that allow it to more accurately mimic the real game.

      You could apply the exact same logic to the pitching stats to see that they are far superior in our league. for example, strikeouts are vastly overrated in 6X6 leagues. In our league they are diminished, and quality pitching stats such as WHIP; K/BB; BB/9; and on-base percentage against are added to increase the value of quality pitching.

      One thing that jumps out at you in a 6X6 league is that relief pitching is grossly diminished. Closers are everything and set up men are nothing. It's easy to determine that by simply looking at players who are not drafted are players who are dropped. For example, real MLB team A has a closer by the name of Joe Blow. His setup man is Juan Blow. (Let's assume that their stats are identical, which is not a particularly unusual situation in real major league baseball.) In 6X6 leagues, Joe Blow will be 99% owned and Juan Blow will be 0% owned. About a month later, Joe and Juan are swapped and Juan becomes the closer of the real team. In 6X6 leagues, Joe Blow will be dropped by 75% of his owners almost overnight; conversely Juan Blow will be added by about 95% of 6X6 owners. This is ridiculous!

      In real baseball there isn't much difference between pitching a scoreless eighth inning and pitching a scoreless ninth inning. In our league, we score relief appearances, holds, holds and saves, as well as the very simplistic "save" category that represents the entirety of relief pitching in 6X6 leagues.

      The strangest argument I get is that my stats are redundant. "Why do you have slugging percentage, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage + on-base percentage? Why not just one?" I have redundant stats in order to add scoring weight to that particular stat.

      The redundancy (weighting) of the major stats is precisely the greatest feature of this league!! That is the only thing that can allow a Yahoo league to adjust the values of the various qualities of baseball players, i.e., make pure hitting efficiency 3-5 times more important than the stolen base.

      I agree that some leagues totally misunderstand the value of more stat categories by trying to make sure that every stat category is 100% unique from the others; that is equally as foolish (and inaccurate) as having a 6X6 league. In some of these ridiculous leagues, sacrifice hits and balks are equal to home runs and ERA!

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      • i understand what you are trying to say in your posting on here, but then you just need to make your league be either a win or a loss for a team each week if you are going to use so many categories... 27 potential wins and losses each week really adds-up over a course of a season... that's why i prefer less categories each week, so your record is only changing by 10 to 14 outcomes each week... you could be 27-0 one week and another team can already be 0-27 in your league after one week as well... i'm sorry but that just doesn't seem right... so if you want to use so many categories to weight things properly for your league, then you should just give each team ONE win and ONE loss each week based on if they win the majority of the categories for that particular week or not...

        Greg Guillot

      • you can make it only a 6X6 or 7X7 league and still get the weighted-effect that you seek... for instance, you have your normal 5X5 categories...

        R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG for hitting
        K, W, ERA, WHIP, SV for pitching

        we just added H and OPS to hitting and HLD and QS for pitching... HLD helped increase the value of the middle-relievers in the league... QS helped increase the value of starting-pitchers who lasted longer in games and didn't give-up many runs across the way... H and OPS increased the weight of the hitting efficiency over stolen-bases in the league that way as well... just food for thought, but i think you can go 7X7 in categories and still achieve your weighted-effect on categories to make sure that steals and saves don't have the same weight in a particular league as the other ones do...

        Greg Guillot