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  • Brian Brian Feb 20, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

    Should money leagues be banned from the forum?

    The reason I am running a money league instead of a free league is because last year when times got rough managers just ditched. It was very frustrating. I am only asking $25 which is not much compared to some of these leagues and it is just to keep people from leaving.

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    • Your point is well taken, and $25 is reasonnable, although I charge $0 for my leagues. The problem are the quitters and non-serious managers who mess up leagues. There is really nothing you can do about them except kick them out and then recruit from people who look for teams to take over during the season. Frankly, I decided to run leagues last year and did well with the 2 I ran. This year I would like to run five, each different with interesting twists. If I don't get the team, screw it, because I don't need the headaches. I wish you lots of luck, Brian. I hope your plan works for you, and I can always look for a new blood. Just email me or send a messae through one of my league message boards.


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