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  • ANDY ANDY Feb 19, 2013 9:28 AM Flag

    roto keeper lg needs 3

    3rd year, 13 team roto keeper league needs 3 new active managers. each team gets 4 keepers. $40 to play. multiple payouts. draft picks are traded.
    categories- R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, QS, K, ERA WHIP, NetSaves

    The draft order is worst to first. It does NOT snake. Many trades involving draft picks took place last year. You get 4 keepers. Rather than list the entire rosters of the 3 teams, I'll just list some of the more attractive players.

    TEAM 1 (drafts 7th)- Goldschmidt, Braun, Justin Upton, Cespedes, Kershaw, Peavy

    TEAM 2 ( drafts 1st)- Adrian Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Bryce Harper, kuroda, Lance Lynn, Tulowitzki

    TEAM 3 (drafts 4th)- Rollins, Pedro Alvarez, Matt Moore, Aroldis Chapman, Matt Cain, Hosmer, Will Meyers, Manny MAchado, Adam Jones

    There is some explanantion required because I will change certain draft picks between Teams 2 & 3. Team 3 tried to make a late run, and traded away high draft picks, and could not gain nay ground. This manager then decided not to come back. He traded what would be his 1st pick in the draft to TEAM 2 (not invited back for giving up in June and auctioning of players for picks, and for sending nasty messages to other managers), so TEAM 2 would have the 1st and 4th picks of the draft. With two new managers coming in, neither being responsible for the draft status of these two teams, I feel its a bit unfair to the new owner of TEAM 3. Once all the teams are taken, I will return TEAM 3's 1st draft pick so that the new owner is not faced with that challenge coming in, and so the new owner of TEAM 2 is not highly rewarded. I don't thnk this should be a problem to any new owners. It is to begin the season with more competitive balance. A new owner should not be penalized by bad deals made by a previous manager. I will say TEAM 3 traded many other picks, and I'm not exactly sure how they fall (but I'm pretty certain he dealt his 1st pick bc I vetoed it) bc I can not see that information until I have a full league and finalize things, with which there is no going back after that. So new owners of all 3 teams need to be prepared for dealing with draft picks that were traded before.

    Email me at itstheroy at hotmail.if you are interested in joining this league.

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