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  • Shawn C Shawn C Feb 15, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    Unique near dynasty keeper league looking for two replacement managers

    League his a H2H points league. 18 teams, 21 keepers per team. What makes the league unique is that the leagues draft is done using waivers. Each team makes five claims. They may get all five, they may get nobody, most likely they'll get something in between. I need to replace two teams that finished around .500, though that may have just been because of the weak division that they were in. I expect managers in my league to stay active.

    If interested send me a email at schellis at hotmail or send me a Yahoo IM at SMChellis with the team that you'd be interested in. This will be a first come first serve.

    Team 1

    N. Aoki
    M. Aviles
    R. Braun
    M. Cuddyer
    D. DeJesus
    I. Desmond
    M. Izturis
    M. McKenry
    David Murphy
    P. Polanco
    M. Prado
    C. Ruiz
    J. Segura
    M. Trumbo
    C. Wells
    C. Capuano
    C. Carpenter
    A. Cook
    Y. Darvish
    S. Diamond
    M. Fiers
    M. Gonzalez
    J. Henderson
    C. Lewis
    K. Lohse
    J. Samardzija
    C. Wilson
    T. Wood

    Team 2

    A. Avila
    Melky Cabrera
    P. Ciriaco
    C. Crisp
    J. Hamilton
    J. Hardy
    E. Kratz
    J. Mauer
    B. Moss
    W. Ramos
    R. Roberts
    C. Ross
    J. Ruggiano
    J. Tabata
    H. Bell
    C. Billingsley
    A. Chapman
    D. Duffy
    C. Hamels
    D. Hudson
    U. Jimenez
    J. Johnson
    J. Locke
    D. Matsuzaka
    L. Mendoza
    W. Miley
    F. Morales
    I. Nova
    J. Valverde
    A. Werner

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