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  • Matt Matt Feb 13, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

    Manager Looking For Money Leagues

    you should be more specific in your post DB.

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    • LOL

      Do you know how the yahoo message board works? You have to click on the thread again to see the post.

      This was my post fool.

      If you have a money league that meets my criteria, then please post your league id and password or contact info and I will join.

      1. Must have 100% payout
      2. League must have run for at least one year and I must be able to check previous season(s)
      3. Entry fee must be at least $50
      4. Rotisserie OR H2H with some payouts to the regular season leader(s)
      5. Not really looking for a standard 5x5 scoring system, the more scoring categories the better (i mean a lot more preferably 8-10 for both batters and pitchers) but they must make sense. I've seen leagues with grand slams, no-hitters, etc.
      6. The more managers the better(larger prize pool). I can play in leagues with 20 managers and actually prefer it over a league with just 12.


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