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    $200 Keeper, 20 teams, H2H, 7x7, Lots of ways to win $

    Hey everyone, looking to recruit for this great league. This is 100% payout, 100% legit. I started running my own leagues because I myself had been screwed over in a league I had won. I take pride in the commissioner position. I post weekly updates of earnings, because that's right, every H2H win is $5 back in your pocket. There are lots of ways to win, check it out below. I run a football league as well and you can see that winners and losers alike rejoined, because it was legit. Not everyone rejoined, but that is because a lot of the people that were in it the previous year were from my former place of work. Anyways, I get very excited for this stuff and if you opt for snail mail I will end up sending you your winnings in an envelope with a wax dragon seal. I am a total nerd I guess. Below is most of the Commish Note, minus some links because I don't think yahoo allows them in forums and payment methods which can be found if you join. Check it out.

    Welcome to The Big League. This is the ultimate fantasy baseball keeper league. Dues of $200 are required in full one week prior to draft day. Draft day is tentatively set for Thursday March 28 at 8:00 p.m. EST. We are aiming to fill this league up to the max 20 teams. That is $4000 in total payouts with lots of ways to win.

    - Head to Head
    - 7x7 scoring (Standard plus OBP, SLG, HLD, K/9)
    - Rosters: C, 1b, 2b, 3b, SS, OF x 3, Util x 2, P x 8
    - 1 day Waivers

    1st place - $1500
    2nd place - $500
    H2H Win (reg seas) - $5 ($1100 total)
    Stat leader (Season) - $50 ($700 total)
    Division Winner - $37.5 ($150 total)
    Longest Streak - $25
    Medal Leader - $25

    Total: $4000

    With each win worth $5, everyone should expect to get at least some money back at the end of the season. This has the added benefit of keeping teams that are likely out of contention more active. Also, leading any of the 14 stat categories for the season is worth $50. A payout report will be updated weekly to track all manager's earnings.


    - League settings will never be changed mid-season.

    - Proposed changes for the upcoming or next year can be discussed at any time in the forum and all suggestions will be taken seriously.

    - If any motion is seconded a vote can be requested.

    - 55% vote required to change a setting.

    - The Commissioner can veto a change. 75% vote negates Commissioner veto power.

    - Draft will be standard snake style with random draft position to start.

    - Draft position in subsequent years will be determined by the previous years ranks, with the lowest rank drafting first.

    - Each team will be allowed to keep up to 2 position players and 2 pitchers.

    - Managers must submit their keepers a minimum of 24 hours prior to the draft.

    - Kept players will cost the manager the draft pick in which that player was selected in the previous draft.

    - If a kept player was previously undrafted, the initial keeper cost is a 10th round pick.

    - The cost of keeping a player will increase 1 round each year. For instance if you keep a player you drafted in the fifth round, you will get that player at a cost of your 5th round draft pick. If you keep that player again, it will cost you a 4th round draft pick. If a player's keeper cost is a first round draft pick, if the player is kept again, it will cost a 1st and a 10th round draft pick, followed by a 1st and 9th round pick, etc.

    - If a manager elects to choose keepers which have conflicting keeper costs, the price will be rounded up. For instance if a manager keeps 2 previously undrafted players, it will cost 9th and 10th round picks. If a manager elects to keep two or more players with a first round keeper cost, the next two available draft picks will count as the equivalent of the first round pick.

    - The trade review is set as a group vote. This requires 1/3 of the league to veto in order to reverse a trade. (This is the standard Yahoo! ratio the league vote setting and can not be altered.)

    - If involved parties feel a trade was unjustly vetoed, it can be discussed civilly in the forum where the Commissioner or a Commissioner Assistant will mediate the discussion.

    - After a 24 hour period to allow for discussion, a forum vote will be initiated to determine if the veto will stand or if it will be overridden. 55% of the league must vote "yea" for a trade to be pushed through.

    - Collusion will not be tolerated. Clear cases of collusion will result in a loss of the related ability, i.e. trading.

    - Internet tough guys will not be tolerated in the forums. Personal attacks will result in a loss of forum privileges.

    - Depending on the severity of the case, managers violating the conduct policy may not be allowed back in the league for the subsequent season.

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