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  • Steve A Steve A Feb 9, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    Does this make sense? Stats selected for the ratio Bill James believes they impact winning.

    I'm putting together a league and want to throw out the common wisdom for which stats to play and go with a more SABR-centric approach. I want the stats to reflect Bill James' estimates of how each phase of the game impacts winning : Batting 42%; Baserunning 8%; Pitching 37%; Fielding 13%. Also I'd like the stats to be within the player's control as much as possible. So no RBI, Runs, Wins or other stats the player doesn't mostly control himself.

    So based on Bill James' breakdown I decided to go with 6 Batting stats, 1 Baserunning stat, 5 Pitching stats and 2 Fielding stats. This leads to a sort of odd 9x5 league with the stats for batters being: 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, BB, OPS, Net Steals, Putouts, Assists. For pitchers the stats are: IP, K/BB, WHIP, QS, and Saves + Holds - Blown Saves.

    The part I don't like is fielding. I wish there was a way to exclude Putouts for first basemen. I'll probably just eliminate the Util position to make up for this, since those usually end up being first basemen who would totally skew that stat.

    How crazy is this? Will anyone want to play in a league with these quixotic settings?

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    • Agree with Beer. I guess it is a different format, which can be good, but I dislike adding defensive stats. If you want to toughen it up, add offensive stats that reveal weaknesses in players that look better in a 5x5. I run a couple of 10x10 leagues, 8th and 11th seasons for them. A format you are talking about might be better served for a points league format - but beware, guys will find ways to "beat the system" and it may take a few years to "get it right". I also run a points league in its 4th season, and it took to year 3 to really nail down the settings/scoring before it became hard for guys to game the system. There are always guys that will play somewhat dirty if you don't have specific rules in place.

    • It is too damn crazy. I don't mind leagues that use some non-traditional approaches, but this is too off the wall for even me.


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