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  • Darrell W Darrell W Feb 18, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    Multi Tier Keeper Leagues

    Multiple keeper leagues that are all tied together. If you finish in the bottom three places in your league you will drop down to the league below the tier you are currently in. The top three teams will move up to the tier above the league they are currently in. The ultimate goal is to be the champion of the top tier.

    These will be 14 team 5x5 roto leagues, with 30 man rosters. Teams will be able to keep up to 9 players. Each player kept will count as a round in the draft. If you keep all 9 players, your first pick will be in round 10. If you only keep 3 players your first pick will be in round 4, etc...

    The first place team that is moving up a tier will get first pick of the 3 teams that are opened up by the teams that are dropping down out of that tier. The 2nd place team picks 2nd, and 3rd gets the last open team. The teams that are dropping down will choose their teams in the lower tier, the same way. Best record of the 3 teams gets to choose from the 3 teams that opened up first , 2nd chooses 2nd, and 3rd gets the remaining team.

    There will be a $100 free agent budget for the year. All free agents will be placed on waivers, and will be bid on once a week.

    Rosters will consist of C-2, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, OF-5, UT, SP-5, RP-2, P-2, Bench-7, DL-5.

    Limits: Batters 2268 games played
    Pitching 1500 innings maximum, 1000 innings minimum


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