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  • chuke palay chuke palay Feb 8, 2013 9:45 AM Flag

    Help with FAAB and continuous waivers

    Anyone know if yahoo allows "contingency bids" with FAAB. For example if my SS goes on the DL and we have once a week pickups using FAAB:

    I bid $7 on player SS player A
    IF I DONT WIN Player A, I bid $7 on SS player B
    IF I DONT WIN PLAYER A or B, I bid $3 on SS player C

    I know ESPN has this. It's important if you do FAAB once a week, that you make enough CONTINGENCY BIDS that you reduce the risk of going into the week without a position filled.

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    • Yahoo doesn't have "contingency bids" per se, but does allow you to prioritze your waiver claims to process in whatever order you want. So if you place 3 bids on 3 different SS all dropping the same player they will process in the order you specify.


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