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  • JJ JJ Feb 7, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    Whats with the lack of prospects?

    Last year they added a TON compared to past years this year Im finding in hard to find any real prospects in the list

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    • Im sure they're just slow getting the prospects updated this year, and they'll be in well before the season start. Right now Myers is listed as a catcher on the Royals, so there should be prospect updates to come. At least I hope. Otherwise my dynasty draft will be very weak.

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      • Thats what I was thinking when I saw Wil on the Royals too but..... they NEVER add players after they open the league. Only time they do that is when they play there first in season game. So this is who I think we are going to have. It's very strange!

        My team is fine on prospects and I wasnt thinking of adding any in my draft but it's just strange that they were all about this. Last year was it they made the big deal about all these new keeper and dynasty type settings?!

        Besides 40 man rosters they also made sure to have I think it was the top 50 prospects ready to go. People have mentioned Bubba but Im ppprrreeettty sure he is not on the teams 40 man roster.

        Also strange is the fact I never got a single notification that you all were replying to the thread and I just happened to come across this. Im hating this message boards lately!!

    • The last three or four years have been very prospect heavy. To the point that dynasty leagues have treated first round picks like gold. I remember years ago when I had the number one pick and the best options were I kid you not Pedro Feliz and Jason Lane. I'm fine with it being a bit less then what it has been for the last few years, guys like Lindor who won't get to the majors for three years after being added to the DB probably shouldn't be added, but I have no issues with someone like Taveras who is only a Beltran injury away from being called up, or someone like Myers who likely is only going to be held back for service time reasons. I'm hoping that this is just a oversight though and it will be corrected by next week. Just know that a lot of managers likely traded top talent to get high picks thinking there would be impact prospects available. Such as the trade I mentioned of Choo and the 1st overall pick for David Price, or a deal I made prior to the Trout/Harper year where I sent Prince Fielder for the number 2 overall pick.

      Teams won't be happy if deals like that result in them getting someone like Pedro Feliz or Jason Lane

    • They Have added 0 (zero) prospects. The 2 I saw mentioned in this thread (Solar and Wheeler) were already in last year. It is a bunch of Bull @#$%. To refute another guys claim that there are no top prospects..... What about Oscar Tavares ?? Last year Bubba Starling was made available and everybody knows he isnt reaching the majors for years. I drafted Will Myers 2 years ago... he might make his debut this year......... I can understand the argument that these guys should never have been available..... but you cant put the Genie back in the bottle. Yahoo has to stay consistant. The Commissioners Tools have an option to make plaers available as soon as Yahoo adds them or only after they have MLB service time. That give you the best of both worlds..... you have the option to make them eligible or not depending on what your league wants. Apparently this year Yahoo has decide for us...... NO Prospects.... Bunch of BS....Thanks for staying consistant yahoo...... thanks for randomly altering leagues that have been in existance for 15 years.

    • I know a lot [but not all] of the top prospects last year were on the 40-man roster at the start of the season and were automatically included: Hultzen, Machado, Bauer, Bundy, Rendon. But others were not: Starling, Sano, Taillon.

      I saw Soler is on the 40-man roster this year but none of the top prospects are.....yet.

    • Now its gonna waiver wire for the top prospects it looks like. No top prospects kinda mad cuz thats all i was gonna draft lol

    • Hey JJ - I couldn't agree more. I am hoping that it is a glitch because I am in a 22-man, 16-team keeper salary cap keeper league and there are no new prospects in their database. I sincerely hope that Yahoo fixes this because this will not be good for dynasty leagues.


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