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  • Thomas Thomas Feb 7, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Even though I know...

    That is very true. And even though I have been going a little batshit crazy, I realize the season is 7 weeks away. But a good point was made. They probably have10x the amount of fantasy football leagues. Which is mind boggling because fantasy football is horrible and requires 1/10 of skill compared to fantasy baseball. That last comment had nothing to do with this thread but I feel the need to bash fantasy football any chance I can.

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    • haha, the fact that it requires 1/10 of skill is EXACTLY why it's so popular (apart from the fact that Football itself is just more popular). You can get any boob to join a football league and tell them they just have to check it once a week. It takes a much greater level of commitment to play in a baseball league--Something most people don't have the patience for.


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