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  • Oceans Oceans Feb 6, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Please Make Mock Drafts Customizable!!!

    Been wondering for a couple years now if they will ever make Mock drafts able to customize? Most leagues I have seen never play by the standard public league settings; some do granted, although majority have very different roster sizes and manager slots. I know you can join a bigger manager size mock, but many leagues have different roster positions and it would be a major advantage to everyone as far as I can tell to be able to make your mock roster identical to your real fantasy league roster spots.

    For instance, Public League(if memory serves me correct) 1(1B), 1(2B), 1(3B), 1(SS), 3(OF).
    What if your custom league wanted 4(OF), and 4(DH)? Not saying my league will play with these settings, as that is an absurd amount of offense, but to each there own. It would just be nice to make your mocks the same as your custom leagues roster spots. Another example I ran into in football this past season. Our Commish made 2 WR positions, 2 RB positions, and 2 Flex. Public mock makes you draft 3 WR and is not customizable to my knowledge. It would have been nice to only have to mock draft 2WR's and 4 RB's and see it fill out your custom mock roster and still have your bench positions.

    If this is already possible, could someone please explain to me how to customize your mocks, as I have only been playing fantasy for a couple years now. Thanks for reading.

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    • I agree.

      They also should limit pick time to :45 to kind of acknowledge it's a mock. 1:30 is a fair amount of time when you're really drafting but you really really don't need to spend that amount of time on a pick in a meaningless mock draft.


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