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    Any "kid safe" leagues

    Anyone running a league that is "kid safe". I would like to introduce my 7 and 9 year old boys to fantasy baseball, but without all the adult content/language that comes with most leagues (which is why I don't add them to one of my regular leagues). As an adult I don't mind that stuff at all, actually enjoy it, but with younger kids I'd like to avoid that. Please don't suggest a "Christian" league as we are not a very religious family either. Just looking for a clean fun league. Or am I delusional to think they exist? :)

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    • you have a league that is set up by you, get your wife involved and have only one category, home run derby, my little kids loved it, pick as many guys as you want.

    • This may sound odd, but have you considered a pay league? Those are usually v-e-r-y quiet, even the low stakes ones.

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      • I wouldn't really recommend pay leagues. For a simple point that does feed into the competitive nature of said leagues. If I were in a pay league and had a father with two young sons join it I would feel like it was in the end three teams being controlled by one manager, and since most pay leagues are leagues full of strangers (not met in person) league integrity is vital to maintaining the league.

        There is also the fact that if you were in a pay league would you want it to become in essence a training league.

        I also have no idea what pay league you are in Ultrasurblanco, but the one I run has more activity in it then my other five leagues combined.

        I still feel you need a league where you control the majority of its aspects. In a lot of leagues if you come in and start asking for things to be done a certain way, or for certain other mangers to get kick out because of behavior it could result in you being removed.

        For instance if you come to be and demand that someone that I've played in leagues with for five or more years be removed from the league for constant trash talk, I'll likely side with the manager whom I know is going to stick with their team if given a ultimatum.

        I also recommend that you and other adults in this league just be co-managers. I doubt that you'd want any of the adults taking advantage of the kids in trades, and it would be difficult to tell the kids that they couldn't trade with a adult team whenever said team had their favorite player. Consider it like coaches pitch little league for fantasy baseball.

      • Haven't considered pay leagues. I've played in a few before myself, but actually found those to be worse in that regard because of the competitive nature and general ribbing and smack that comes with fierce competition.

    • I don't think you are delusional and I do know that leagues like that do exist. I try to run mine PG/PG-13, but even with the best intentions sometimes things get a little out of hand especially in the majorly competitive leagues. I do not have three openings in my leagues, and believe that they are likely far more involved then most kids of that age could handle. Heck sometimes they are more then I can handle.

      What I suggest is that you start a league that has more managers of that age group or close to it. This way you can control who is in the league, and the content of said league. Start it simple and gradually up it as they get older.


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