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  • Msm Msm Feb 6, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Family members trading

    In my 10 team league there is a father, son, and two brothers with six other friends. Every year if these guys make trades a conflict of interest comes about. Should I make a no trade with family rule?

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    • If the trades are fair deals then there should not be an issue. Collusion is a hard thing to pin down. But sometimes it obvious. If it is a re-draft league its easy to tell if one owner is trying to pad another teams roster. In keeper leagues its a bit tougher, cause one persons thought on a guy is diff than anothers. You deff need to have a comish voting or commitee on the deals and the comish can not be one of the family members.

      We have had a 3 year issue with 2 owners (just really good friends) in our keeper FFB league where it never fails on draft day that the one team (call them Team A)is always never prepared and is always in the bottom 1/2 of the standings. While Team B (a perinial playoff team) sits next to them at the draft and helps them pick players cause the team A is not prepared. The week on the trade deadline they ALWAYS manage to pull off a deal that is just good enough not to veto but it is a clear that team B cherry picked team A. While team A always ends up with a decent keeper out of the mix for the next season but not a good one, team B is moving the hot now players. Like I said the trades are just good enough that they are not vetoed, ( and we have a rotation trade commitee that votes on deals and obviously voters cant vote on their own deals) but a team who would be in playoff contention they would not be making these deals. Lucky for us team B has never won the championship so it hasnt errupted into a big issue, but there is always talk behind closed doors of collusion.

    • Too much drama. I play fantasy baseball for FUN not drama. If I want drama I'll turn on the TV.

    • My general rule is to not play in leagues with multiple family members because that is exactly what happens. I've had brothers in leagues before without problems, but to add that much family you are just asking for issues. If you are commish you should hand off the league to someone else and start a new one from scratch.

    • I don't think you can in a league that size. Just make sure that trades can be vetoed. Is family any different then two of the other managers constantly making trades with each other. It also isn't really fair to say that these teams can trade with 9 other teams while you four can only deal with 8.

    • Yes, there is a history there. Eventually one team will pull ahead and will be supplemented by the other family members.


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