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  • Luke Luke Feb 5, 2013 7:05 PM Flag

    Need GM's for 1st Year Franchise League

    Fair and not blown out of proportion like some slot machine points leagues... 1pt single, 2pt double, 3pt triple and so on... And Pitchers are actually vauable and more even with Position Players.

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    • i would like to know more on the league. might like to play

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      • B-- example. You pick the Yankees as your team as 1st come 1st selection into the league. You get 23 Yankees players and are able to swap out Yankees Free Agents to start the season with the players you want. You also get 3 Free Agent Position Players from the 12 teams not selected to be apart of the league, 1 Top Free Agent SP, and 1 Top Free Agent RP.

        At the start of the season Free Agents will be locked and as a GM you can trade anyone on your roster throughout the league to try and put the best team together. There are open roster spots for 2 for 1 player trades. At 4 times during the season the Free Agents will be unlocked so that you can swap out any Yankees players you want to better your roster (ie if you have hurt Yankees players or if they Yankees have called up a minor leaguer).

        Your team faces another team each week in Head to Head Scoring and your try and get the win. Make sense? The rules will be laid out well in the league commish note and I'm always around for questions of course.

      • B-- is that enough info? The rules will be laid out clearly in the Commish Note. Let me know your email if you want an invite to check it out...

    • I liked send me a invitation, so will be 20 teams and can we keep all our players?

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      • Antonio-- let me know your email for the invite. And Yes, you as a GM can choose to keep your Teams Players if you want, along with the Top Free Agents drafted randomly to your team. But Most Teams will be Trading to try and better your team.

        There are also multiple strategies that you will find to approach the league with. Any other questions let me know.


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