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  • JeffL JeffL Feb 5, 2013 5:55 PM Flag

    Looking to join a keeper league

    I'm looking to start up a all Fantasy Sports that Yahoo offers Keeper leagues everything. I have experience in the 4 major sports and I am willing to try Auto Racing & Golf. I am not sure about how to manage Auto Racing & Golf.

    I am going to be open to rules, but I will have Developmental Minor League Squads in this league and we will play for prizes and have an entry fee. Everything will be decided by vote on major changes. I am an Experienced Commissioner in Fantasy Football and I have to see all of the options Yahoo offers as Commissioner. But we will try the latest and greatest on points and rules.

    I am looking for Dedicated and Expereinced guys to manage everything. We will have smaller size keepers after the first year and build up our rosters. The last thing that I want is guys not being able to be competitive. But I believe everyone should be able to keep their favorite and best guys on their rosters.

    On yahoo email I am jligatich Email me and I can see if you would like to be in my leagues.


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