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  • Lost Lost Feb 5, 2013 9:52 AM Flag


    It doesn't really increase rivalies much. You may play a division opponent 3-4 times instead of 2. The idea should be to get the two best overall teams into the playoffs with as balanced schedule as possible. To do that you need no divisions. Who wants a guy who finishes .500 in a weak division to advance?

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    • I don't know how this makes any difference. You have options to split teams up in divisions, and allow the division winners special treatment in playoff seedings (i.e. division winners get top seeds, division winners guaranteed a playoff spot).

      Other than that, there's no option which says "allow top 3 in each division to advance", so why does it matter if someone is .500 in a weak division?

      Also, by default, the schedule doesn't take divisions in to consideration. I manually design my league's schedule, where each team plays 11 other teams twice, but i have the last 5 weeks being all divisional matchups. It works great.


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