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  • Greenraven Greenraven Jan 30, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    12 or 14 team league?

    I'd go the Yahoo set-up for pitchers of 2 SP, 2 RP and 3 P. Because otherwise you impose only own strategy of pitching and put the league in a straight jacket right off the bat. You should allow people to use the RP strategy and just balance it out so it doesn't go over the top with maybe 20-30 min innings pitched per week. Then let managers manage the way they want.

    I'd say a roster of about 25 at least so guys can take a chance on a rookie or prospect or 2 to squirrel away. But then I personally hate short rosters. If they are too short, how can you encourage trades. Guy is only carrying one person at 3B, he can never trade them except for another 3B. Again, a straight jacket situation to me.

    What I personally look for in a league is where I can manage how I want, I can have plenty of players to make deals with without always destroying my starting line-up and where you don't feel like someone is trying to impose their strategy on you. Just me ... but since you asked. :-)

    Good luck with your league.

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    • good point about the pitching set up by just increasing the minimum innings. I may do that along with increasing the roster size to 24 (only because I like having an even #) what do you think about implementing the # of moves? I was thinking 4-5 moves per week

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      • 24 should work fine too. :-)

        I'm personally fine with Yahoo's 6 per week limit on moves. I think that the public settings are what they are because they have served most standard leagues well. These moves include waiver wire pick ups and FA pool catches for hitters and replacing injured players on your roster as well as streaming a few pitchers after all.

        Your first year is kind of like the shake down cruise. At the end of the first season may be the time to tinker with this and that as you get feedback from your fellow owners. It is up to you of course but if it were me I'd keep it pretty standard the first season. But then I like most of Yahoo's default settings and find them pretty reasonable.


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