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  • Mark Mark Jan 25, 2013 11:15 PM Flag

    snake or straight draft better

    that's what I say, but some guys in the league just don't get it. They want last year's winner to draft last every round. But, with only 4 keepers there really isn't much of a difference in team strength going in........

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    • Snake is designed to even out the rosters. This is good for beginning a league but might not be so good for keeper leagues that want to give advantage to teams drafting near the top.

      For instance, I'm in a ten team keeper league where the top four are in the money but those that finish out of the money positions compete for draft picks to discourage tanking. So, fifth place gets first pick next year, sixth gets second pick, etc. In this case we don't want a snake draft because there should be an advantage to holding the first pick vs. picks further down the board.

    • Definitely snake. Maybe let your last place finisher from last season get first pick in draft position. Personally, I'd rather have the turn around rather that #1 & #32 in my 16 team league.


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