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  • Howie Howie Jan 25, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    May move league to Yahoo. Some basic questions

    We lost our commissioner, and are looking at moving away from CBS Sports, due to their fees.

    1 - When can we start our league on Yahoo? Are there any fees?

    2 - How does Yahoo handle weekly Free Agent pickups? We will use worst-to-first priority. If someone selecting AFTER the last place team wants that player and has a second option, can Yahoo handle that? I am guessing that we will need to have owners email a "priority list" to the commissioner or some other designee, and they will enter the pickups. For example, the guy with the 5th selection has turned in a list with 3 players. Only his 1st choice has been selected befoore his turn. He will get his 2nd choice.

    Any ideas???

    3 - I am assuming we can have a "bench" or "farm" to hold backups, and can set up how many starters are at each position. How about establishing minimum games to qualify as (1) a reliever or starter and (2) at any defensive position?


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    • The PS was because I wrote another reply first about qualifications. It has disappeared. The Yahoo league software works way better than this crummy message board fortunately.

      Position players qualify at a position after just 5 starts and there is a page in the league where you can see how any starts any guy has made at any position he hasn't qualified for yet. Also 10 partial games I guess you call them (starts plus games the you come in as subs) can be counted instead but starts is usually the main way players qualify quicker. Yahoo is a more generous platform than most.

      Example of what this does for you: Mark Trumbo had only 7 starts at 3B last season but that qualified him to play 3B in all Yahoo leagues and he retained 1B and OF eligibility from the previous year too. This year he will probably not have 1B eligibility to start the season but with Kendrys (who backed Pujols last season) gone to Seattle, if the Angels use him to back Pujols for this season he may re-gain it sooner than later.

      RP need 5 starts to be starters too. But Yahoo has 3 types of pitching slots - SP, RP and P. So if your RP (think Chris Sale last season) is becoming a starter you can start him in the "all pitchers quality, both starters and relievers" P slot instead of filling up a RP with him on days he starts. Standard Yahoo has 2 SP, 2 RP and 3 P slots allowing an owner to decide to go with more a starter or reliever strategy or a combo, say 3 relievers. As a private league you as commish can tailor your league settings at the start of the season by adding, subtracting slots and their types.

      Same with position slots. You can keep the standard Yahoo three OF slots or specialized them to RF, LF, CF instead. Add a MI and CI if you want. I play in one league that has a fourth generic OF slot period which is weird but the commish set it up that way and no one objects. You start with 2 Util (DH by any other name) slots. Add, subtract or delete according to your league's taste.

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      • Thanks for the input. It is VERY helpful.

        Prior-year qualification(s) carry forward.
        Our league requires 15 games to qualify at a position.
        Pitchers - 10 starts to be a starter.... 20 relief appearances to be a reliever.
        Rookies do NOT have to meet those standards.

        Do you know if Yahoo allow us to customize these things?


    • PS: It's free. No fees for a league like yours. Don't know how you port a team over or if you re-create it here as a new one and the commish adds in the players by hand though. Probably the latter cause of the different formatting software etc but the commish can pretty much not only choose the settings, set waiver and re-draft priority and add in the players by hand (or copy and paste if you are a lousy speller like me, heh).

      If this is a keeper or dynasty league you may be best waiting until they are chosen by your league mates in the spring then re-starting the league here and adding only the keepers by hand.

    • Yahoo starts the Tuesday after the Super Bowl.
      Free Agent pickups are first-come-first-served all the time in most leagues, although there might be an option to do it weekly if for some strange reason you wanted to do it that way. Waiver wire pickups do have a priority list and you can set backup picks that will automatically be used if someone else snags your first choice.
      You can set the size of your bench and your qualification rates.

      Yahoo is by far the most popular fantasy baseball provider on the Internet. Yahoo fantasy baseball is excellent. The only things you can't do are use a minor league roster or set roster sizes larger than 30. Hopefully they will add those features this season.


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