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  • Atomic Dumpling Atomic Dumpling Feb 4, 2013 11:18 PM Flag

    What's NEW for 2013 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?

    If you don't like streaming then don't play in Head-to-Head leagues. Real fantasy baseball uses the roto format. H2H is for fantasy football. They added in H2H baseball leagues to make is easy for fantasy football players to transition into fantasy baseball. H2H just doesn't work well in baseball. Roto is much more fun and much more fair and luck is much less of a factor.

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    • Tell me A.D. when was the last time the best team in MLB actually won the World Series? It wasn't last year with the Giants, or the year before with the Cards, or even in 2010 with the Giants. It was 2009 when the Yanks won. My point is in real life baseball the best team doesn't win each year. It is usually the team that gets hot and lucky at the right time. That is why H2H simulates real life baseball better that Roto.You just need to get into the playoffs to have a shot because luck and hot streaks are in play. No one ever said baseball(real or fantasy) was suppose to be fair.

    • Roto is way to easy. It also isn't like you can't stream in roto leagues. If anything it encourages teams to play the hot hand.

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      • In roto you are limited to a certain number of innings per season. If you stream the "hot hand" you will hit your innings limit way too early. There is much more skill involved in roto and much less luck, especially in the playoffs. In H2H you can have a great week and still lose your game while another team has a terrible week but still wins because his oppononent was even worse. You can't play defense so you have no control over how well your opponent does. So essentially each week is 50% luck whether you win or not -- it all depends on who you are randomly matched up against that week. Too much luck in H2H leagues for a good player to want to be in one. If you are a good player you want your skill to win out rather than being subjected to the whims of luck. In roto the cream always rises to the top and the bad teams can't win.

    • I disagree Atomic. I've played head to head for years, and it's a blast. You win 9 categories, lose 7, it's ONE win. When you play Roto, people who get a bad jump on the season give up way early. Though streaming is an issue. As commish of my Dynasty league, I made a rule that no one can pickup more than 2 players with SP in any game-week. That keeps the streaming to a min.

      While Roto is the TRUE game, as it reflects a season's worth of stats, the head to head allows you to have a bad week, and then move on, just like any other game/sport.

      In the words of Brian Regan: They're both good, they're both favorites.

    • H2H only in football your crazy try finding a few people who actually like you and start a league with them. We started ours 6 years ago it has always been H2H and there is a list of people who want in because we have so much fun every week roto is boring. We started a football league because of the H2H in baseball. Please go out meet some people start a league with them instead of having a bunch of people you don't know you'll have a better time!!!!!!

    • I play both formats and find unique challenges in both.

      And roto might be more true to baseball in the "regular" season but real baseball has playoffs and the team with the best record in the regular season doesn't always win the World Series so head-to-head reflects that more.

      Apples and oranges ... not better or worse.

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