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  • Thomas D Thomas D Feb 5, 2013 7:40 AM Flag

    What's NEW for 2013 Yahoo Fantasy Baseball?

    I thought the same thing so I actually used this format in my keeper basketball league. I figured if it worked there I'd use the FAAB/rolling waivers in my keeper baseball league.

    It was terrible!

    Everyone hated it (even though the league agreed on it before the draft). It killed interest in the basketball league. I won't be using it for baseball and would advise against anyone else using it as well.

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    • Seriously, what didn't you and your fellow managers like? I've used the FAAB the last couple years for general waivers and my leagues liked it much better. Now with continual waivers for all players that's even better. Makes managing more of challenge because you only have 'X' amount of dollars to spend for the year so you have to chose your additions wisely.

      Also, last year the team who had the best week gained an additional $10 of FAAB money. On Monday morning the commish simply added $10 to the weeks best performer thru the commish tools.

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      • To answer your question Beer: as a whole we weren't a fan of waiting to make moves. One issue that arose was managers outbid on players would have to wait until the next waiver day to improve their team. People found it restrictive and felt it difficult to improve their teams and as commish, I felt I couldn't justify restricting those who were actively wanting to make moves and improve their team.

        To be fair, I think part of the reason was we only had 3 waiver days instead of 7. I would definitely not recommend only having a few waiver days, although I could see having every day as a waiver day easier to do.

        Also, for your format the $10 FAAB is a great idea.

      • THat would be a deal breaker for me if a league put that #$%$ into place. waivers are more then enough to keep a few teams from grabbing everyone. I like being able to grab players off the FA to replace slumping players whenever I'm in the mood for roster tinkering. While having a Free agent budget would stop streaming, it would also likely stop teams from being active once those dollars were spent. It also would allow excellent teams to save up their bucks and land a top prospect whenever they are added.

        And giving more money to the best team, heck why not just give them the number one pick next year as well.

    • been using it for years in other leagues not like I dont know how it works. actually had to leave yahoo bc they didnt have it. It is 100% the fairest way to compete. need to avoid fastest to computer situation(im in a BIG money league no team can have any sort of advantage). you can even choose to run the auction on a nightly basis if the league is agasint only making moves 1 or 2 days a week. it still eliminates first come first serve.


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