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  • Rick Rick Oct 3, 2012 7:52 PM Flag

    Tactic or Cheating... what do you think??

    In our league, one player was 2 IP short of the limit and loaded up with eight starters. He said it was a tactic and within the rules. Others say it violated the principle of the limit and that it was cheating. What do you think.

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    • every league has it's rules. you should know what they are before you join. use this as a learning experience.

    • Very good strategy. Not using every advantage at your disposal is just poor planning. 60 or so more innings for free? You go ahead and pass, I'll take the win. You should also do this with the games played limit. And remember, every player you can keep locked on waivers is a player that you can't have used against you.

      If you don't like it, join a zero-moves league. Draft is everything there, and you can walk away after the draft and come back in a few months to see how you did. No stress at all.

    • Solid Tactic

    • Absolutely NOT cheating and within the rules. It is very clear in the rules that you can bypass the limit not only at IP, but at the OF and Util positions too (standard scoring).

    • while its technically not cheating, its certainly a bit of a slimy move. Be that as it may, other players in the league can technically do the same thing if they so choose - so its not necessarily an unfair advantage.

      On the other hand, if someone - like in my league - maxes out their allowed innings pitched, and then decides to cycle all of the probable starting pitchers for the next couple of days in order to prevent other teams access to the waiver wire, that's REALLY slimy.

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      • Between your crying about the great pitching waiver tactic and you calling this "slimy" you must be one whiny, pathetic little crybaby. If you are a little infant about some free internet fantasy baseball I would hate to see how much you bawl about real life serious things. Just pathetic and infantile. Your parents must be just proud to have you living in their basement.

      • Yep you might gain K's & Win's but you risk ERA/WHIP but because it is hardly foolproof I would say it is a tactic rather than a cheat. I did this on Tuesday, was 5 innings short of 1400 picked up 7 starters and got 5 wins (was already way ahead in K's) and was middle of the pack in ERA/WHIP. I knew I needed a hail mary pass and succeeded. Actually gained a spot in Whip as well as 4 spots in W's so picked up 5 points which boosted me from 4th to 1st.

    • It's a legitimate tactic that's within the rules. Streaming that many starters at the end can always blow up your ERA and WHIP, so its still a calculated risk.

    • It is a well known, commonly used strategy.
      If it is a public league, expect it.
      Otherwise commission a league and establish rules to prevent it.


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