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  • josh josh Oct 5, 2012 10:42 PM Flag

    Tactic or Cheating... what do you think??

    Huh? What are you event talking about? I don't have any problem with people saving an inning or two and then starting 3 or 4 streamers. I never whined about that dude, relax. I merely commented that maxing out your innings pitched and then cycling probables on the waiver wire for days on end is a slimy and unsportsmanlike tactic; in no way shape or form is cycling pitchers a tactic of integrity, its bush league. In fact, if you go to the ESPN rules and regulations regarding fair fantasy play, they specifically state that such a tactic is grounds for expulsion in their leagues.

    Moreover, I merely asked people their opinion regarding waiver cycling, I never whined about anything. I'm actually not even sure how you correlate someone saying waiver cycling is "slimy" with them being infantile and living in their parents' basement - that would appear to be quite the stretch. I'm actually not really sure what you're so mad about dude. Christ, chill out. Lol


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