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  • Big A Big A Oct 4, 2012 12:28 PM Flag

    Tactic or Cheating... what do you think??

    Between your crying about the great pitching waiver tactic and you calling this "slimy" you must be one whiny, pathetic little crybaby. If you are a little infant about some free internet fantasy baseball I would hate to see how much you bawl about real life serious things. Just pathetic and infantile. Your parents must be just proud to have you living in their basement.

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    • That message was meant for Josh by the way, These silly boards put it under the wrong name.

    • Huh? What are you event talking about? I don't have any problem with people saving an inning or two and then starting 3 or 4 streamers. I never whined about that dude, relax. I merely commented that maxing out your innings pitched and then cycling probables on the waiver wire for days on end is a slimy and unsportsmanlike tactic; in no way shape or form is cycling pitchers a tactic of integrity, its bush league. In fact, if you go to the ESPN rules and regulations regarding fair fantasy play, they specifically state that such a tactic is grounds for expulsion in their leagues.

      Moreover, I merely asked people their opinion regarding waiver cycling, I never whined about anything. I'm actually not even sure how you correlate someone saying waiver cycling is "slimy" with them being infantile and living in their parents' basement - that would appear to be quite the stretch. I'm actually not really sure what you're so mad about dude. Christ, chill out. Lol


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