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  • josh josh Oct 3, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    question about waiver hoarding and locking?

    So I;m in a very competitive roto league. There is a player who is battling me for first place, about 2 or 3 days ago he hit his max innings pitched cap and has since decided to lock up the waiver wire for everyone else. He essentially started dumping his whole team and picking up nearly all probable starters - 15 of them to be exact - and is letting them rot on his bench. He then gloated about this tactic, claiming that he didn't want any other managers to be able to pick up streamers down the stretch.

    I told him that while not a deal breaker, I found the behavior to be bush league. He claims that hes being smart and ahead of the curve. I've never seen anyone do this. I guess my question is, do you guys think this is smart fair play on his behalf, or do you guys this its unsportsmanlike? I know ESPN fantasy leagues strictly prohibit such behavior, but I can find any rules in Yahoo that do the same. So, Id like to take a poll of opinions if you will.

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    • If someone in my league did that I would call him a cheater. Not against the rules but certainly not on tje up and up!

    • Yahoo has put in place some changes to address this type of behavior. Report manager as this is a violation of the Yahoo TOS.

      My take....

    • Bottom line whats the difference from HIM picking up those players to keep YOU from picking up and using them because you are 1/3 of an inning from your max.

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      • There's a big difference actually. Whenever anyone uses a few streamers towards the end of a season, they do so knowing full well that it could hurt them in the standings with ERA and WHIP and such. There is a fair bit of risk, and thus real strategy involved. Moreover, no one is going to start 20-25+ streamers over the course a final week, and if they do that's ridiculous - the rules should be set so that this isn't possible either. I actually had 30 innings left to use the last few days, but regardless. What he was doing - and this is after he used ALL of his innings - was dumping his whole team and then picking up every single probable for the next day, and then repeating after that for the next day etc. In effect, he was locking down the waiver wire for ALL other managers - this is behavior that ruins the integrity of a league, at least in my opinion. Cycling players on waivers, thus jamming it or locking it down should not be an option for anyone. Whereas a manager has the ability to work match ups and take a chance on a streamer, NO ONE but the guy jamming the wire and hoarding probables has a chance to use the wire for any gain whatsoever. If a manager wants to pick someone up they think will benefit their team, then by all means they should rush to the computer and get that guy before anyone else. But that's the point, the waiver as a whole should at least be available to everyone, regardless of whether or not the best streamer here or there has already been taken.

    • I think its a neccessary tactic to win because if you dont do it the guy below you WILL take advantage of the innings cap rule and can throw a HAIL MARY at you by picking as many starters as he can to catch you! I almost lost my title because a manager did just that-he needed 31 ks to catch me and LOADED up the last day even though I dropped all my pithers and picked up as many starters as I could he came within 1 k of catching me! HOWEVER it cost him in ERA and WHIP. I would like to see something done about this too BUT its also exciting this way.This really WOULDNT be an issue if HALF the managers or more would be involved till the last week INSTEAD of completely quitting after the All Star break or after draft day NEVER doing anything!

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      • Exactly Steve, I think streaming a bunch of pitchers is a little more on the fair side because there are major risks involved. Anyone can start 5 streamers or so in a day, but they risk annhilating their ERA and WHIP. However, if someone in the lead decides to just start duming everyone on his team and cycling/picking up ALL probables then its sketchy because other managers arent able to access the wire at all. I just think this kind of stuff should be snuffed out so that balance can be achieved from day one to the end. I've heard of many other manager installing max waiver moves per week to keep this issue under control. I'm all for competion, but why not set the peramaters within a league in such a way that promotes a level playing field?

    • It's not against the rules thus it is not cheating. I did the same thing to solidify 3 league championships this season. Some may call it "bush league" but again those are the same 2nd or 3rd place losers while I hold up my gold trophies. They are not only 2nd or 3rd place losers but whiners to an obvious great strategy as well. Screw them, maybe they will wise up in a few years.

    • All you can do is wake up at 3:00 AM or pick up pitchers for the next days before he does.

    • It may not be fair, but it is definitely a great tactic by him.

      Much like leagues that have caps on GP and IP. If you have just 1/3 of an IP left, you can fill every available P slot on your team and get credited for all their points, even though you end up exceeding the maximum IP by a great margin.

      I suppose it's slightly different though, as everybody can take advantage of this rule, while only somebody trying to hold down the top spot can take advantage of waiver wiring all the probable pitchers.

    • thats supposed to be *cant* find any rules in Yahoo that do the same.

    • On the receiving end, IT SUCKS. On the giving end, it is great strategy. I wont deny it, I used the tactic in one league, but I only picked up 2 or 3 players a day and set them, waiting for the last day "just in case". Here I sit with 2/3 inning to pitch, and now I am sitting everyone to lock up the title. Remember this as a lesson, in a late season strategy should you need it.


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