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  • Greg Greg Oct 3, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    Championship Round Extended 3 Days A Joke!! What A Ridiculous Way To End It!!

    Agree totally, good luck. We can only pick up a max of 5 in 1 league and 6 in the Public league so it makes it difficult to plan ahead for 7 days much less a 10 day week. I had 4 guys in each league out last night and today my pitcher Galardo decided he did not want to start his scheduled start. It is such a joke the last week of the season in all the sports. Obviously typical YAHOO management and designers must not play in their own leagues so they do not know the end of season problems or they don't care. Like the baseball card industry, greed and not taking care of the customer will eventually ruin a good thing. Most people walk away and the lost customers do not come back. When they wake up it will be too late. I am stopping basketball this year, won't waste my time on baseball again next year and after football I will be done with anything involving YAHOO fantasy leagues until they listen to the users/customers who try to improve this fun pasttime.

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