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  • Jeff P Jeff P Oct 2, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    Championship Round Extended 3 Days A Joke!! What A Ridiculous Way To End It!!

    They advertised the ten day championship months ago. It is more fair than a 7 day.
    10 days is twice thru a rotation and leaves less to chance. You need to take a chill pill and stop your #$%$ whining over yahoo leagues. Head to head leagues are the kindergarten of fantasy baseball, next year try a big boy league.

    • You're an IDIOT!! Sounds like your a last place team!!

    • What is the excuse for the NBA fantasy league. They need to end the leagues sooner, one week before the end of the actual season, to avoid these situations. I knew of the extended play in the Championship round. They have been doing it a long time. That is not the problem but rather the watering down of the product. They can do 2 weeks for the Championship round, I don't care. That is not my point, but rather to avoid having the star players on the bench at the end of the season which is what happened in the NBA fantasy league too. I am only making suggestions to improve a fun product SO THE SEASON ENDS WITH ALL HANDS ON DECK. I could care less how long the Championship round is or the number of player moves allowed each week since they do tell you that at the start of the season. I've played before. I not sure what the big boy leagues are and that all of us in the head to head leagues are in kindergarten. I play for the fun of it and would like the product improved. I'd like to know what the other leagues are since they may be more fun. Always appreciate any comments or suggestions. Thanks so much.


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