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  • hivoltage3 hivoltage3 Oct 2, 2012 12:33 AM Flag

    need to raise whip or era in final 2 days. Do I play R/P's or S/P's?

    I want to try and raise my whip or era in final 2 days. I only need a point or two. Should I start a few good S/p's or Play my 5 R/Ps's? Thanks

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    • Well, assuming you're in a standard roto league with 1400 innings, at this point in the season, starters have more of an effect on your ratios than relievers. If you load up on 5 relievers and they all pitch 1 inning apiece both days, that's only 10 innings. Even if they go scoreless, the effect they have is very little. For example (math ahead!):

      Your pitching staff has already pitched 1000 innings and gave up 400 runs. Your staff ERA is (400*9)/1000=3.60. Now add 10 scoreless innings, and your staff ERA is (400*9)/1010=3.56, or a whopping 0.04 drop in ERA. Note that this applies if every reliever pitches 1 inning both days. That's pretty rare nowadays. All this applies to WHIP too, by the way.

      Basically, unless you're behind by a tiny margin, you get more bang for your buck with starters. Course, the risk is also higher that they implode and kill your ratios, but hey, go big or go home.


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