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  • Todd Todd Aug 31, 2012 8:07 AM Flag

    Keeper league questions

    My regular league/group (among friends) has decided to make our league a keeper league moving forward. The commish and I were debating a few points and don't really know the answers.

    1. We use a snake draft and we are keeping 3 or 4 players for next year. If you keep your 3rd round pick from this year, that eliminates your 3rd round pick from next year correct? That part seems pretty simple.

    2. What happens with a free agent. For example, I picked up Trout when he was called up and will want to keep him. Where does he get slotted? The commish thinks around round 7, but I think it should be later, more in the middle of the draft. What is the common practice here?

    3. Are there any exceptions to players that were drafted, but became free agents and then picked up. For example, Halladay was a 2nd round pick and the manger dropped him when he got hurt. I had a DL spot open so I grabbed him knowing he could help later in the year. If I were to keep him (doubtful, but for example) does he go in next year as my 2nd rounder or is he treated as a free agent?

    Thanks for the help.

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