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    Upton & The Can't Cut List

    How does Yahoo! decide who is on the Can't Cut List? Justin Upton is on the can't cut list and is having a very average year. There are numerous other players with better stats who are not on the can't cut list, and others who were on the list and Yahoo! removed them. But somehow they still think Upton is an elite player hitting .276 with 11 HRs, 53 RBIs and 13 SBs at the end of August. How is that "Can't Cut" material and Beltran with a similar BA, 17 more HRs, 25 more RBIs and the same SBs isn't. Heck, even Josh Willingham is having a better season and he isn't can't cut material.

    Alex Rios is over .300 with 20 HRs. Chris Sale is a potnetial Cy Young Candidate. Neither are can't cut material. Yet Upton is still there.

    This is not a cranky post. I honestly want to know if anyone has any insight on how Yahoo! makes these decisions. Upton make absolutely no sense to me.

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    • Take a look at Gonzales for example he is a stellar performer with a very very bad season. At the All Star Break he should have been removed (if not sooner) from the can't cut list and about 12 other 1st baseman should have replaced him. This kills a team when star elite players have lousy seasons and can't even get rid of the players that ultimately are no good at all to them. This rule needs to be flexible and I don't see where cheating has anything to do with it at all. All you have to do is look at the IP addresses it's coming from and you can tell if someone is cheating. If they get caught cheating then boot them permenantly from all fantasy sports. I'm sure ESPN/Yahoo etc would agree to this policy together unless they are complete nuckle heads.

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      • Tried to drop David Wright last night for Carlos Gomez of Mil, but Yahoo wouldn't allow it. Wright has done nothing since the all-star break and is like the 40th ranked 3B in the last 30 days. This week I'm close in 3 offensive categories vs the team I'm battling for the playoffs and I'm stuck with Wright. Lame.

    • Next year play in a league that doesn't use any "Can't Cut List" bro.

    • I would like to know also


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