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  • hockeyhead hockeyhead Aug 23, 2012 1:36 AM Flag

    Possible unethical WW usage?

    Hello fellow commisioners, question for you guys. One guy in my league used up al 1400 IP maximum in a little over 3 months. At the time, I thought it was a his strategy, no matter how unusual. Maybe he was going to trade some SPs for position players after IP limit reached.

    Anyways this manager has kept making moves on the WW dropping and adding pitchers. A few weeks ago. I sent an e-mail to him to inform him that he had reached the limit but he still using the WW for pitchers.
    I'm thinking that since he has been doing this all season long, I shouldn't block this manager from using the WW, the main reason the rest of the league's managers are at all different IP totals. Another reason, where do you draw the line on managers use of the WW?

    At least this manager plays all season. FYI, this is a money league.


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    • Certainly odd. However, maybe he likes to practice picking pitchers to see if he is good at it? Maybe his lifelong dream is to be a pitching coach and manage starting pitchers? And, as long as it keeps him in his mom's basement all day, it's probably harmless. Why don't you telephone him and tell him that you (and now thousands of people on the Yahoo boards) are curious to know the reason for this practice? Report back.

    • So what's unethical about it? He's not cheating... and even if he's out of IP's, maybe he's preventing others from getting those other pitchers... in a Roto league, a lot more goes on than in H2H leagues. In Roto leagues, I'd say it's more 'ok' to see lopsided deals go through where a team might want to trade some good players to another team so that their main rival loses some ground...

      It's a whole different (fantasy) ball game in roto...


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