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  • Nate Nate Aug 21, 2012 12:23 AM Flag

    Looking for an Experienced manager to take over a team in a 20 Team Keeper league (You keep 7)

    Hello, Looking for a New Manager to take over a dead team, this is the 1st year keeper in a 20 team league. (you keep seven ). three batters, 3 pitchers & 1 flex. If interested please reply with contact info....

    Team #3:

    J Saltalamacchia
    E Hosmer
    H Kendrick
    E Longoria
    Z Cozart
    J Francoeur
    B Beasch
    Y Alonso
    E Aybar
    G Parra
    W Betemit
    A Huff
    Y Torrealba
    W Bloomquist
    V Martinez

    F Hernandez
    M Burngarner
    J Walden
    F Rodney
    J Venters
    S Downs
    D Lowe
    T Hudson
    J Benoit
    R Madson
    T Skaggs
    J Oviedo
    R Ramirez

    Also This team is Currently Ranked 19th (so you would receive the 2nd Draft pick in 2013 ). thanks again and good luck............

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    • Y! account: nckdmss

      I'd be happy to take over. Out of curiosity, has the trade deadline passed?

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      • Hello Nick,
        Okay i have already found someone for this team, however I have 1 team were the owner transfered to another team, so im looking for someone to take over there team (team is active.....). Its yours if you want it?

        S Perez
        C Santana
        R Cano
        K Seager
        A Cabrera
        Y Cespedes
        J Kubel
        G Dobbs
        A Soriano
        D Norris
        R Tejada
        B Inge
        Mi Cabrera

        Gio Gonzalez
        J Hellickson
        M Leake
        M Belisle
        J Mijares
        M Harrison
        T Cahill
        I Nova
        H Bailey
        J Parker
        B Arroyo
        D Straily
        R Romero
        M Rivera
        M Pineda

        And NO the trade deadline is Sept. 1st or 2nd.....This team is in currently 13th place


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