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  • Alex Alex Jul 17, 2012 11:59 PM Flag

    veto trade?

    i know vetos shouldnt happen but a guy in second place just made a trade with the guy in last. guy in last is trading fielder and quintin berry to the guy in second for austin jackson...guy in last now will start brandon moss at first...commish veto?

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    • That is not an even trade and it would hurt the competitiveness of the league giving too much to the Fielder receiving team.

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      • Where is it written in stone that any or all trades should be "even?" On face value I am not crazy about this deal either, but unless you can prove collusion or something else that is unsavory you have to assume that the traders have their own competitive agendas in play. Leave it alone, especially since we don't know the rest of the line-ups in play.

    • Trades do not happen in a vacuum unrelated to the rest of the lineup and stat needs. We would have to see both of their rosters to get an idea of whether the guy in last place needs jackson more than fielder. Knowing nothing except those four names, the trade does not look even. But we would have to know a lot more to declare it dumping by the last place guy. If you just ask the last place guy, you can probably tell what is going on.

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      • You dont need to know anything else to know this is an awful trade. Fielder has far more value in a standard league OR a keeper league. The fact that this guy is going to Brandon Moss at 1B moving forward tells the whole story. This trade isnt even close, dont listen to that last guy.

      • i asked and he says its for a keeper next year...we do snake draft move the guy up five rounds from previous draft position. jackson would be a 10th round pick next year. hes already plannign on keeping victor martinez at 17 and de aza at 11 or turner at 15. I asked how only having two spots this helps him and he says "it does"


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