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    Why is Carlos Santana undroppable?

    Please, God of Comissioners, please, please, please take Carlos Santana off the stupid Cannot Drop List. My God, I have him in two leagues and he is completely upsetting my precious roster churn. He is definitely the worst performing player on those two teams (which are not in first or even second or third, partly thanks to him) and there's not much hope he'll improve. He is being outperformed badly by catchers still available in some leagues: Salty, Ellis, Rosario, and other 2012 stars who are rated much lower, like Yadier and Ruiz and AJP, and now you could pick up the young KC catcher who's back -- except you can't because you have to drop somebody actually good, instead of Santana. Okay, he's not terrible, but you can't trade the guy for a good piece. For God's sake, mercy!

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