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  • DatBoyMiz360 DatBoyMiz360 Jun 22, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    Time to drop A Sanchez??

    think he will turn it around or did we juice him for all his fantasy worth at the beginning of season..i have probably 5-6 pitchers on my FA waiver list that have lower rankings than him and with each bad start his ranking keeps going up and up

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    • Yeah, I think so. He may be hurt. His K's are down, ERA is up and he's not going deep in his starts. These are now long-standing trends. Something's wrong; I picked him up in the draft because of those virtues, knowing I wouldn't get a lot of W's. Now, he's hurting the staff -- SP's are an area you can get creative in. In recent weeks, I have happily scooped up AJ Burnett (who I always hated), Parker and Masterson -- and they've done well since. Buchholz and Pettitte, too. Look at recent trends and pick up a hot starter with good stuff - and pray.

    • You don't make roster decisions based upon current rankings. If that was the case, then Justin Upton should have been dropped in week 6 and Mike Aviles would have been traded for Joey Votto in early May. You make decisions based upon FUTURE returns. Not everyone is in low-competitve-level leagues like the guy above who had the option of picking up AJ Burnett off the FA wire...if you do then I suppose it's okay to drop him. If you are in a competitive league, then I'd hold onto him a while longer.

    • If I remember last start he was bunting all the pitchesl of his bats even if no runners were on. I think speculation was that he was hurt and pitching thru it, Also im dropping him. Any info on his start tonight would appreciated.

    • Yes, tonight was it!!!!!

    • I traded him for youk n d. Hudson awhile ago... Been even trade. My 3rd basemen at the time was mark reynalds during his slump.. Worst case Hudson n Sanchez finish w same stats n youk isn't revived if/when he gets traded... Either way it was a low risk high reward trade for me

    • i just picked up Jarrod Parker and dropped him..Parker has looked good so far I'm surprised he was still on the FA list he's been picked up like crazy past few weeks....it was either him or Nova Nova gets a lotta wins and Ks but his era sucks

    • I dropped him 2 weeks ago. Don't waste your hope on someone who can be easily replaced. I picked up AJ Burnett and I'm glad I did. 2 wins and a low era has me gaining in my roto league


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