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    Got loss on era for last week...turns out i won!! mlb changes hit to error....vance gives up 0 instead of 3 earned runs. mlb credits his era....i want credit in fantasy baseball. i lost e.r.a by only .13. 3.99 to 3.86!! i need my credit!!!

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    • It was only -1 ER, not -3. May not have been enough for you. Also there were other pitchers that week with stat changes that were too late to be counted. James Russell had +2 ER and Jake Peavy +1 ER. If either of those players were on your team, it would cancel out Worley's -1 ER. Also, CC Sabathia had -1 ER. If he was on your opponent's team, that too would have cancelled out Worley's -1 ER.

      Lastly, Yahoo is not going to change its rules suddenly. There have been plenty of matchups over the years and in the first 9 weeks this year that have been affected by this. Are you sure you are even looking at week 9's ERA?

      Do you really think it makes sense to change the score for week 9 during week 11? What if week 9 was actually week 1 of the playoffs, and week 10 was week 2 of the playoffs? Now you would have to change week 10 also. However, the teams originally playing each other in week 10 were managing against one another, not managing against your team. A team that may have won if managing against your team, may lose if they've been managing against the wrong team all week long. Do you see the dilemma?

    • News flash: Spamming the board with multiple threads and using lots of exclamation points accomplishes nothing except making you look like a 12 yr old..


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