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  • Anthony D Anthony D Jun 11, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

    Is My team Really This Good?

    H2H 12 team 14-cat

    H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS
    W, K, ERA, WHIP, S, K/9, QS

    I'm 89-34-3 and have gone 40-2 in the last 3 weeks all without Kemp. I'm 14 games ahead of the 2nd place team. I'm top 5 in every hitting CAT and top 3 in every pitching. I haven't had Gardner all year either.

    C: Posey
    1b: Butler
    2b: Kipnis
    ss: HanRam
    3b: Freese
    OF: Bruce, De Aza, Soriano, Morales
    Util: Mauer, Goldschmidt
    Bn: Seager, Aviles
    DL: Kemp, Gardner

    SP: Sabathia, Cain, Shields, Peavy, Lynn, McDonald, Niese
    RP: Broxton, Nathan, Hanrahan
    DL: Robertson

    I'm wondering because my brothers team last year had almost 200 wins at the end of the year and then lost in the playoffs. Is my team really this good? or should I be thankful that I've gone 40-2 in 3 weeks without Kemp and will I get better once I get a healthy roster?

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    • Yes, your team looks pretty good. Cain and Sabathia are two star pitchers - Shields a nice addition. Your closers are solid. McDonald has improved dramatically this year, Lynn is also a breakout.

      On offense, Soriano and Goldschmidt have been on a tear- I would not expect them to keep it up. But Kemp is a big, big, bat if he can return healthy. Youre definitely experiencing one of the hotter weeks you can expect- but your team would be well positioned for a playoff run.

    • your team actually kinda blows.....it will all even out

    • You should be on your knees thanking the Great One because on paper this is a good team but a far from great team. A lot f fantasy success, especially h2h, is timing, playing the right team at the right time. Plus some of the moves your opponents made may have been bonehead moves while you're hitting gold on everything you do. But the season is long and the playoffs, as your brother discovered last year, can be unforgiving.

    • Who would of thought that Kipnis,De Aza,Seager,Aviles....these 4 our playing some good ball.
      Not household fantasy names,but their playing great over all.

      Fluke or no fluke,who cares.Take it and run with it and just hope it lasts.

    • Ya i would be thankful too... I think your team is ok. Nothing that special tho

    • Funny how you say you are top 5/top 3 like it's a Roto league, but then have a record like it's a H2H.

      Your team is decent, but some players won't keep it up like Soriano (more than likely)..

      I'm going to answer your silly question about Kemp with a silly answer. Of course your team probably won't get better with Matt Kemp playing.. (eye roll)

    • You have a good team, but I would consider yourself thankful to go on a tear like that. However, with getting Kemp back and having strng pitching you should be a tough team to beat.


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