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  • matthew matthew Jun 10, 2012 10:14 PM Flag

    Chris Sale

    You should get a good return but i think a top 5 hitter is dreaming. Think of it this way if you had a draft today would chris sale go Top 5 overall, not a chance. Send some offers out and you may just get lucky thoughm theres a sucker born everyday.

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    • Are u in h2h or roto....if roto target where ur weak at....id consider maybe trading for kipnis maybe ethier or stanton just to name a few....maybe castro

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      • While Sale is having a great season to this point, I can't see him going straight up for a a first round hitter. Not a chance. Give me the guy who plays everyday and produces instead of even the best pitcher in baseball. I do however think that you can land very solid guys like McCutchen, Kipnis, David Ortiz, and some others that were mentioned. There is always the possibility of just holding on to him as well. =P

    • That's because most idiotic yahoo managers somehow think a win in HR's means more than a win in a pitching category. Sale is ranked #4 for the year of ALL players and he's actually pitching better lately.

      If Sale continues his season the way he's going, then he's worth just as much as a top 5 hitter.. YES

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      • Definitely not worth a top 5 hitter in my opinion. Even if I knew for sure that he would pitch this good all season, I still wouldn't draft him in 1st round. Top hitters always more valuable then pitchers. I'd say if you can get someone like McCutchen, D. Ortiz, Stanton, Granderson, or Trout then you should accept without hesitation. But of course if you get a lucky offer for a top 10 hitter then take it.


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