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    Challenging online Draft tomorrow - 1 opening

    Draft is 8:00 a.m. Saturday June 2 - all owners must be present. It will take a few hours - that is why we are starting so early. Three openings left.

    1. Each owner will have two teams – one his 30 player active roster – and another that will contain his 30 player bench. The second team will always have its players benched, so as to earn the minimum points.
    2. The active roster will consist of 30 active players – two for every batting position and twelve pitchers.
    3. The initial draft will be huge – 600 players – 60 per owner.
    4. With limited exceptions noted below, there will be no FA pickups. There will be no trades between owners. The only “trades” allowed will be between your two teams. The goal is to put the best 30-man active roster out there each and every day.
    5. There will be no game or IP maximums. The hitting stat categories will be R, HR, RBI, SB, BA, and OPS. The pitching stat categories will be W, QS, Saves, Holds, WHIP, and K/9.
    6. Instead of FA pickups, once a month, there would be a two-round FA draft (order determined by current “reverse standing” position).

    From this, I hope you can see what the ultimate purpose of this league is. It is to focus with the maximum depth on three fundamental skillsets – an in-depth knowledge of every team in MLB (average of 20 players per “real MLB team): the ability to plan and execute the deepest draft possible; the ability to monitor and adjust and maximize your entire roster on a daily basis. If you are sure that you have all three of these skillsets and can make the live draft, you may register in League 209695 - Password FAR. Note that you will register two teams - one with your "Team Name" and then one with your "Team Name" B. I would suggest registering your second team quickly - immediately after registering the first one.
    Once we work out the "kinks" this year, we can make this a keeper league starting in 2013. But you don't have to commit to that yet.

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