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  • Mark Mark May 25, 2012 4:52 PM Flag

    Cheating league

    I'm dropping our of a league. Here's the players in the league dropped recently. I know it's a mess below, but way too many good players have been dropped in the last 2 days or so. Too Suspicious.
    May 25 3:00am Jered Weaver (LAA - SP)
    Jake Westbrook (StL - SP) Player notes
    May 25 12:39am Jered Weaver (LAA - SP)
    May 25 12:39am Johnny Cueto (Cin - SP) Drop (c2012-05-25) Commish the bitch Waivers
    May 25 12:39am Josh Johnson (Mia - SP)
    May 25 12:38am Jacoby EllsburyDL (Bos - OF)
    May 25 12:38am Evan LongoriaDL (TB - CI)
    May 25 12:38am Brandon Phillips (Cin - MI)
    May 25 12:38am Carlos Santana (Cle - C,CI)
    May 25 12:37am Aroldis Chapman (Cin - RP)
    May 25 12:37am Corey Hart (Mil - OF)
    May 25 12:37am Derek Jeter (NYY - MI)
    May 25 12:37am Mark Teixeira (NYY - CI)
    May 25 12:37am Albert Pujols (LAA - CI)
    May 24 10:05pm Commish the bitch transferred to a new owner James F
    May 24 3:21am David Wright (NYM - CI)
    May 23 2:44pm Michael Young (Tex - CI,MI)
    May 23 2:43pm Michael Young (Tex - CI,MI)
    May 23 2:43pm David Wright (NYM - CI)
    May 23 1:11pm Raw Deal transferred to a new owner Jacob
    May 23 8:42am Dirty Fuentes transferred to a new owner

    Here are the teams in the league. Watch out if you join after I'm dropped.

    1. Lincecum=CyYoung!!
    2. Wabash Dying Quails
    3. FlamingRedEyes
    4. Omaha Stormchasers
    5. Drop me cheater here
    6. Dirty Fuentes
    7. cubsin2012
    8. Commish the bitch
    10. Raw Deal

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    • That's a lot of good players dropped. I, myself, dropped Josh Johnson because I was very frustrated with his disappointing performance when he was ranked 900s after a month. But Weaver is having a Cy Young year. Chapman is a beast. Jeter was hitting 400. Wright is putting up MVP season. Pujols is best in fantasy over the last decade. Is it just one team picking up all the top players?


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