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  • titansrst titansrst May 12, 2012 1:58 PM Flag

    Stupid qiestion

    Easily done. We are drafting by team, six rounds. The first three rounds handled in snake form and you draft one team in each from which you will pick after the draft. Twenty four of the 30 teams will be picked at this point. We then reverse the order of the draft for rounds 4-5-6. In these rounds a team can be selected one more time or it can be selected for the first time or first AND second time. No team can be selected more than twice and the person who selected team first gets first five players of his or her choice. I only ask that you get your players in as early as possible on Sunday. No, if you can't make draft, write me a list with your teams in 1-30 order, When your turn comes up I will follow your list. This is just like authodraft except your dealing with teams instead of players. After draft I will send you the six teams you picked in order, making note of the those you get the first five picks from. We are handling offline via message board as we all will meet at site at 9:45 tonight. We expect it all to end by 11 pm and then you have tomorrow to send me your rosters so I can fill them in and you can get to trading, making FA and waiver moves and playing by Sunday and Monday. Just that easy. Once the season starts everything runs as usual. Sign yourelff up. Our id is 212546 and our password is error. I look forward to competing against you. My email is titansrst@yahoo.com. Name of league is Trio League.


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