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  • JL JL May 7, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    Advice about closers

    Well, if it's all the same to you, phillip, I prefer being in this league with my grandson and some of his friends, as this is the first time for all of us. But, hey, congrats to you for being included in that "mans league" (sic) of yours.

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    • Nicely done JL! Its great to see someone shut down the negative people on here.

    • I'm in a 14 and 10 team league... I prefer the 10 team league... There are no good players available on the wire in the 14 team league which is very frustrating, especially with all the injuries.

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      • thats what actually makes it hard...why have a team full of allstars? that is boring...your guys always produce and never any challenge in it....when you have to pick between the best available SP (maholm prolly in my league) then you have to know a little more about baseball.....also congrats on playing with your grandson and his friends but a challenge is what im looking for.....not some scrubby kids to crush...just sayin

    • Good for you standing up to that guy.

      But I do have to respectably disagree with you about closers being one trick ponies. They do make a big difference in WHIP and K though not as much in Head-to-Head as in Roto where they are considered fantasy gold.

      But even in H2H, the K and WHIP they contribute can well make the difference in those stats on a weekly basis. You have 3 closers that play maybe 2 to 4 times in a given week and strike out 1 to 2 batters per appearance and also keep their WHIP low, it adds up and makes the difference in those two categories way more often than you think.


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